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You have a great idea and now you need to get it out to the public. The answer is easy – Podcast!
More than 50% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past year. That’s 155 million people. In fact, 16 million Americans consider themselves “podcast fans”. That’s a lot of ears!

In fact, we produce our own podcast – 2 Girls Talking! Alejo Media Founder Anna Davalos and Nardi Media Founder Ashley Bernardi speak every two weeks with someone new, about all things business, parenting, mom – life. So we know the power of podcasting.

Now let us help you find your voice. A great podcast starts with a great team. Our seasoned professionals have worked on broadcast and online projects from start to finish.

Podcast Development – A Sound Decision

Every good podcast has a good beginning, so let’s start at there.
Alejo Media will walk you through podcast hosting options, ones that work with your budget. We will create the website look, and connect the RSS feeds for various podcast outlets and work with you to determine which platform works best for you. That includes Apple Podcasts®, Google Podcasts®, Spotify®, IHeart Radio® and many more.
Our team will create your podcast open, complete with voice over and music.

Podcast Production

Now that that’s created, let’s get to work on your content!
Our producers will work with you to fulfill your idea with scripting and booking guests.
Alejo Media has Covid-19 precautions and procedures in place and you are welcome to come into our studios to record your podcast. Or record in the comfort of your own home! Alejo audio engineers will provide you recording equipment and show you how to use it. We will also help you submit your content to Alejo Media for the next step.

Podcast Post-Production and Editing

Alejo Audio Engineers know how important it is to get just the right sound for your podcast. We specialize in perfecting your audio each and every show. We will edit your podcast, clean up audio imperfections to deliver a polished show.

We will create show notes, write copy for your website and submit to your site so your listeners can get the information and entertainment they need!

Alejo Media can also provide social media vignettes for your podcast.
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Contact Alejo Media, let’s talk about your podcast and how we can help you find your voice.

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