Video Production Services

Corporate Video Production Packages

Video Email Signatures – Starts at $350.00

Have you ever wished potential clients could get a glimpse of the real you before they make a decision on which exoert to hire? Now you can! With video for your email signature. Sit down with our producer, create a script, practice and you’re ready for on air! This is also a good way to ease into video marketing.

Package includes:

  • Script writing and revisions
  • 45 minutes filming on green screen
  • 1 hour of editing including music
  • One 30 second professionally edited and produced video with your logo, name and contact information
  • We choose solid backgrounds, additional pictures may be added at an extra cost.

Website/Product Videos  minimum of 4 videos – Starts at $1,500.00 = $375.00 per video.

Whether it’s a product demonstration or simple FAQ, telling your story in your own words makes a difference. Show off your company with four One (1) Minute videos. Simple graphics included, we will help you write your script.

***To adhere to Covid regulation safe-practices, if you are not comfortable in studio we will write the script and record voice-over, utilizing motion graphics and stock footage and still pictures. We are flexible and want to work with you!***

Package includes:

  • 2 hours of filming on green screen
  • 4 hours of editing, including graphics and music.
  • 4 professionally produced and edited videos ready to be uploaded to your website or social media

Real Estate Video Production Packages

The Glide cam

This video is simple, we pick the music, we edit. You get one hour of filming. This is usually done and back to you in one day. We discuss the pacing of the video before it’s shot, but no revisions.

Starts at $360.00.

The Story of the House

This video involves scripting, more in-depth storytelling, a longer filming time and more editing. You get 3 hours of filming, we choose music. We can write the script, or edit one the realtor writes. Historical images are provided by the client, or Alejo staff can search for more photos, but this may increase the cost depending on the length of the search. This includes two small revisions and graphics.

Starts at $800.00.

The Realtor

This type of video focuses on the story of the realtor; who they are, why they do what they do, how they can help you. Used for websites, this type of video can be an “in their own words” video, or can have a script and voiceover. We shoot in the field, buy images and music and graphics. The edit is longer with more revisions.

Starts at $3,200.00.

Video Email Signature

For use on social media, in your email signature or website. Filmed in Alejo studios and it includes background, logo and music. Drone/Aerial footage extra cost depending on location of site.

Starts at $325.00.


– Starts at $600.00 per day

  • Includes consultation with client and research into subject

Pre Producing
– $150.00 per hour

Field Producing
– $750.00 per day

Post Producing
– $600.00 per day

Field shoots

  • Starting at $1600.00 for full day, $790 for half day
  • Scheduled in half (4 hours) or full day (10 hours) segments. This includes set up and striking production sets
  • Full HD or 4K
  • Basic lights and microphones
  • Extra gear and personnel are an additional cost

Stages of Production

When budgeting for your video project plan for at least eight weeks from start to finish. Every project has three parts: Pre-production, Production, and Post-Production. Planning for all three is essential for budgeting and creating a  great project. Creating videos is an art that involves many moving parts.

Pre-production is exactly what it sounds like. All the planning that happens before one frame of video is filmed. This is the time the Alejo team and client will meet, collaborate, and conceptualize. Once we know the target audience and design for your video we can begin scripting, choosing music, prepping pictures, pre-interviews for guests to name a few tasks. Sometimes a site survey is required (and adds to cost) to ensure we have everything needed for production. Pre-production is vital to creating a video perfect for your needs.

Production means it’s time to start filming. Whether it’s on a green screen in our offices or on location, being prepared, having the right crew and the right plan will keep production on track and close to the projected timeline. Thanks to our pre-production work we have all the crew we need for your project. Production means more than just a camera and a producer. Audio and lighting are key to making filming day go smoothly and efficiently.

Filming is done, now it’s time to put it all together. This part of the process includes voice-over, editing, motion graphics, color correction, and finishing audio. Depending on your project, your video may need to be 508 Compliant which would include closed captioning or subtitles. While every client or screenwriter has an idea of their finished product, your ideal will change so revisions will be a necessity. This is normal for every video we have created.

Production Assistant – $300.00 per day

Teleprompter – Starts at $180.00, no operator and with advanced notice

Audio Engineer in Field – Starting at $660.00 full day

Post Production/Finishing Audio – Starting at $165.00 per hour

Editing – Starting at $750.00 per full day / $425.00 per half day

Voice Over – Starting at $400 per script, including one revision

Media Training – Starts at $2,200.00

  • 6 Hours includes 2 Instructors, collaboration with client on achievable goals. Video recording for interview and debrief.
  • We work to achieve your stated goal and make you the best you can be on camera.

Live Streaming – Starts at $3,000.00. This includes entire crew with lighting and audio.