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We’re business owners, we know our craft. We know what we do adds value to our clients. And when we get the chance to talk to our clients – or perspective clients, we can explain that. The rub is we don’t always get that chance to talk to clients or would be clients. And that’s where video comes in. I’ve long preached the virtues and benefits of video for your company in my own videos, and previous blogs. And I’ll preach it again in the next one but this blog is why you need to write what you want your clients to know and understand what you can do for them.

In other words, Why you need to write a script.

I get push back on this from clients because as I just said, we know what we do. So we think people understand what we do when we tell them. But I’ve learned that most business owners do not know how to tell their stories in a clear, concise and succinct way. They over-think, over-tell and over estimate how much the public understands of their work.

When you write a script you can hear if the words you’re using actually convey the message you want. Practice it out loud. Yes practice. Run it past friends, or clients or colleagues, to see if the message flows and makes sense. When you just start talking on a subject, if you haven’t practiced or thought your speech through, you can go off topic, get sidetracked and start discussing one subject when you meant to hit on different points. Your audience gets lost, or worse, disinterested, and suddenly, you’ve lost a prospective client.

Does this sound counterintuitive for an expert? It shouldn’t. We have to understand that our audience doesn’t know or understand what we do. It’s our job to explain it to them, to help them understand why our services give value to their businesses or lives. And we have to understand how to explain it to them.

Knowing what and how to talk to potential clients is just good business, now and for the future. So write a script.