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The other day I was running through a drive through and when I got to window the cashier said to me, “$2.19. Hold the pickle?”
“Excuse me?”
“$2.19. Yes, hold the pickle.”
“But I just ordered a drink, nothing to eat.” and I gave him a strange look.
Then he mouthed, “I’m talking to the next car.”

It occurred to me then, how often we do that today in all aspects of our lives. Talk to the next car, to the next client, before we’re even done with the one we’re working with. Of course, we all need to manage time and projects. We need clients right? But I don’t mean this. I mean we can lose focus on one project, while looking beyond to the next. We work with one client and move on to the next before the first project is finished. We may think we’ve done everything we can, and don’t realize we haven’t until it’s too late. That’s not good for you or your client.

Plenty of companies offer short, stylized videos for a fairly low price, with the promise of boosting sales, clicks, views etc. What they may not tell you is that they say the same thing to each and every client. Costs are kept down because the company is using a template to create your video. The images may not be the same, the colors may change but all are similar, mass manufactured. I’m not knocking this, it’s just not what we do at Alejo. Video is not a widget. You can’t trade out images of one company for the another and have another fantastic video.

We’re all different, unique, and you bring that uniqueness to your business. You are what makes it special. You want your company to stand out, so why make a video that looks like everyone else’s?

Most clients don’t understand everything it takes to create a video, and to create a fabulous video usually takes more time. That’s ok, I probably don’t understand what you do either. But by working with you, we learn everything we can about you and your business. In turn we can create a video that really represents you and your company. And we learn how to make sure that your vision is carried out until the video is delivered. This is my job, giving this project the attention it needs until the very end.

We all deserve that don’t we?

$2.19? Here you go. And I’ll take that pickle.