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Video Production

If you haven’t already realized, we are officially a video centric world. The pandemic didn’t make this so, it just accelerated what we video producers have known. Video reaches the world.

Of course, before Covid we did everything in person – we filmed you, we interviewed you, we invited you in to sit with our editors as we worked on your project.. But just because it’s tougher to do this now doesn’t mean we can’t create beautiful videos just for you!

To name a few:

Graphics! Motion and animated graphics are a great way to illustrate exactly what you want. These 3-D images come alive to create your vision, especially the “what ifs”. If you can imagine it, we can create it with graphics. 

The images you envision may already exist! In stock footage. We pros often turn to stock images when we can’t film ourselves. This can be a great option when filming in person just can’t be done. It’s professional, can be very high resolution, and help fill in gaps in projects. We also have the option of previewing these images before buying them. So you don’t have to pay for images you don’t want.

Maybe we can’t film your employees on their computers. But you can. User Generated Content (or UGC) is all over YouTube. And while you aren’t a professional videographer, our team can give you tips on how to film what we need. We can give you the audio equipment 

and our editors can give it that very professional finished look and sound. We will walk you through the filming process. Given this pandemic the public wants to see authenticity. We are all in this together. And employees helping their companies succeed is very authentic. It will give your clients a sense of inclusiveness.

Let’s talk photos. A good editor can create miracles with a beautiful still photo; make them move, sparkle, even rain. With creativity, artists posing as editors and powerful software photos take on new life.

Life is different now, the way we create has to be different too. And it can be just as impactful, creative and unique as you.