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I recently wrote a blog for a digital marketing firm, which does business with different types of law firms. Lawyers are one group who often resist video or digital marketing, usually for one of the reasons below. But as you will read, those reasons aren’t good ones.

I can’t do videos, I might get sued.

I can’t do videos, my industry has certain rules.

I can’t do videos because what I do is too hard to explain.

I can’t afford video, it’s too expensive.

I’ve got news for you, you can do videos and more than likely you NEED video. Specifically for the reasons you’ve just given me. One group in particular who tells me this, is lawyers.

When lawyers think of marketing videos they may think of commercials; those loud, driving, ubiquitous ads that tell you you must have that perfume! body spray! and legal protection! But let’s rethink marketing videos.

• I might get sued. You would never give specific advise to anyone without really learning about their problem, so no need to go specific in videos. Instead tell me how you can help me in my time of need. How you can aid me through rough times, be that guiding hand.

• Your industry has rules. This is a challenge, not an immovable obstacle. Let’s figure out what those rules are, what you can and can’t say and craft a video that allows you to tell your story. The financial industry has miles and miles of regulations on what can and can’t be said. So I work with my clients to make sure every script is approved, and changed if need be so these agent and analysts can let clients know who they are and what they do. We can do that for lawyers too.

• What I do is too hard to explain. Then maybe you should show people what you do. Let us show potential clients your commitment to the people you serve. Show them how you can help them.

• It’s too expensive. A well-produced, well-planned and thought out video isn’t cheap, and you don’t want to hire someone who is going to give you the same thing he or she produces for other clients. But good producers, including this one, will work with your budget. Your first video doesn’t have to include 3D animation and actors. Let’s talk about your why, what you want to achieve, and find a way to bring your vision to reality.

Lawyers get a bad rap I think. 99.9% of all lawyers are here to help us. I learned this working with a client. Listening to what he had to say about why he does the work he does made me see the passion he has for his clients, and his belief that our judicial system is for everyone.

And that is why video can be a lawyer’s best friend. This is your chance to give people an insight to you, show your commitment, let them connect with you. If you’ve seen other videos and think “That’s not me”, then let Alejo help you craft a video that’s uniquely you.